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Click to install EMbuttons: Firefox 1.1.3 (Compatible with Firefox versions 0.9+). Included Locales: de-DE, en-US, es-ES, fr-FR, it-IT.

Right click to download EMbuttons: Thunderbird 0.3.3 (Compatible with Thunderbird versions 0.7+). Included Locales: en-US, it-IT.

Right click to download Easy Get Mail Button 0.2.1 (Compatible with Thunderbird versions 0.6+).

Extension Manager buttons: Firefox Extension Manager buttons: Firefox

1.1.3 - Fixed: Swapped attribute/property name checking on the manager windows to stop the Theme Manager being titled "Extensions" on Firefox 1.1 nightlies.

1.1.2 - New: Added a chrome.manifest for 1.1 nightlies.
Fixed: The extension/theme count was not being added to manager window titles in 1.1 nightlies. For the techies, the problem was that 0.9 - 1.0.1 treat the window title as an attribute and 1.1 treats it as a property, so now the count must be appended to both.
Fixed: Made changes to the keyboard shortcuts which should make sure they always get applied.

1.1.1 - Fixed: A skin registration error which has been present since the very first release of EMbuttons, and should have stopped the buttons from being displayed. But it worked perfectly until the latest nightlies. Very odd, and thanks to wig_out_on_me for spotting it (it's lucky I don't make any money out of this, or I'd have to start paying you...).

1.1.0 - New: POTO Sidebar 0.2 integration. EMbuttons puts an Extension Manager button on the POTO toolbar and it will be correctly remembered as the last displayed sidebar. Note: POTO Sidebar currently only works with English locales.
Changed: The "Get More Extensions" link is no longer automatically hidden in Concise Mode, just when the Extension Manager is displayed in the sidebar.
Fixed: Found another harmless JavaScript warning.

1.0.2 - Changed: Tweaked the event handler bug workaround to speed up the rendering of the manager display a little.
New: Spanish (es-ES) localization. Thanks to KariuS.
New: German (de-DE) localization. Thanks to ReinekeFux.

1.0.1 - Fixed: The new event handler bug fix caused the extension/theme count to show twice when the manager was displayed in a window.

1.0.0 - Changed: Updated for Firefox 1.0.
Fixed(?): Trying another method to work around the Firefox event handler bug.

0.12.6 - Fixed: Chrome registration error which would have broken localized Firefox releases.
Fixed: Typo in the French localization.

0.12.5 - Fixed: Adjusted the tab checking to make EMbuttons recognise and focus a manager previously opened via a bookmark, link or typed URL.
Fixed: Removed a couple of harmless JavaScript warnings and some redundant code.

0.12.4 - Changed: Improved the button icons (resized them in Photoshop instead of Paint Shop Pro) and gave them mouseover images to fit better with the default theme.
Changed: Refined the error checking for concise mode to improve the way it deals with Firefox's Safe Mode default preferences bug.
Changed: Stripped all remaining code for showing one of the obsolete small icons in Concise Mode.
Changed: Did a little more code tidying and variable renaming.

0.12.3 - New: French localization. Thanks to Xavier Robin.
Changed: Altered the names of functions and global variables to reduce the likelihood of clashes with other extensions.

0.12.2 - Fixed: Removed the UI for displaying one of the mini extension buttons in Concise Mode. They don't exist in the Firefox 1.0PRrc so it's unlikely they'll be back in 1.0. Because this reduces functionality under 0.9.x, EMbuttons 0.12.2 and later will not be offered as updates for 0.9 users using the extension manager's update function. However it will still install and work if you get it from this site. If a later version fails to work on 0.9.x I will not be fixing it.
Changed: The new "Options" button is no longer automatically hidden in Concise Mode. Instead it is hidden whenever the extension manager is displayed in the sidebar.

0.12.1 - Fixed: I forgot to allow for the fact that the new button only exists in the latest nightlies and partially broke the enhanced display modes for everything else. Thanks to jooliaan for reporting the bug.

0.12.0 - New: Concise Mode now hides the "Options" button introduced in Firefox 1.0PR nightlies.
Note: The buttons shown for each extension have been removed from the nightlies. I will remove the UI for displaying one of these in Concise Mode if they have not returned by Firefox 1.0 final.

0.11.2 - Fixed: The 0.11.1 alteration made the dropdown menus change width when you selected an option.

0.11.1 - This release was not announced, to allow testing of the update feature.
Fixed: Italian locale is now finished. Thanks to jooliaan.
Changed: Made a small change to the dropdown menus in the options dialogue which might help to make sure options are not truncated.

0.11.0 - New: Option to display one of the extension buttons (About, Homepage, Options) in Concise Mode.
Changed: Redesigned the Options dialogue.
New: Automatic updating is enabled. To test it I've released 0.11.0 with an unfinished Italian locale, and will release 0.11.1 with jooliaan's finished version in a day or two. I will ask everyone to try the EM's update feature rather than download from here. To encourage this I'll use a different filename format and won't reveal the URL.

0.10.5 - Fixed: Sorting and counting now work together and at a reasonable speed. Global extensions and themes should also be sorted and counted.
Fixed(?): Made an attempt to work around the Firefox event handler bug by adding dummy event listeners.

0.10.4 - Fixed: Sorting didn't work. The new sort routine is very slow, but allows an accurate count and doesn't mess up extension/theme indexing anymore, which might have caused problems in the future.
Fixed: Globally installed extensions and themes are no longer written to the profile's extensions.rdf - This means that they do not get sorted or counted anymore. It also means sorting makes no permanent changes and is completely safe for extensions now. To see your extensions/themes in their installation/loading order disable sorting and restart Firefox.
Fixed: Opening and closing managers rapidly with sorting enabled could cause a profile-mangling crash. Incorporated wig_out_on_me's fix for the crash, but I still don't recommend clicking the buttons fast for fun! Even if there's a crash now there shouldn't be any profile damage because EMbuttons no longer writes the sorted lists to disk (see above).

0.10.3 - Fixed: The new count method uncovered a bug in the sort routine which made the count increase by the true number of extensions/themes each time the manager was opened.
New: Italian (it-IT) localization. Thanks to jooliaan.

0.10.2 - Fixed: Improved count method, counts for extensions and themes are both accurate. DOM Inspector does not count as an extension, so if it's listed your count will be one too low. Thanks to wig_out_on_me.

0.10.1 - Fixed: Broken sort caused by coding while tired!
Changed: The count routine now gives a correct count for extensions, but seems to add one if you have the default theme listed. Note: discovered this is because the default theme is listed twice internally.

0.10.0 - New: Extension and theme counts in the window/tab/sidebar title (note that the DOM Inspector does not seem to count as an extension, so the count will be one less if you have it installed).

0.9.0 - New: The "Extensions" and "Themes" items on the "Tools" menu show the EMbuttons keyboard shortcuts (Firefox event handler bug permitting).
Fixed: The Extension Manager was blank with the default theme on OS X (enhanced modes problem).

0.8.1 - Fixed: Added a workaround for a bug in Firefox which sometimes prevents the default preferences from being read, resulting in no manager being opened.

0.8.0 - New: Performance mode for extensions. Applies asqueella's performance patch, reducing the graphics displayed in the extension manager window for a speed-up.
Changed: The "Get More Extensions" link is hidden in Concise Mode, making the EM fit into the sidebar better. Requested by Rowne Mastaile.
Fixed: The window resizer showed in tabbed and sidebar managers, making it possible to resize the Firefox window when it was maximized! It's now hidden completely (the manager window can still be sized by dragging an edge or corner).

0.7.0 - New: Concise mode for extensions. Removes everything but names and versions from the extensions list.

0.6.1 - Fixed: First use problems in some circumstances (added a default prefs file).
This also means the preferences will be deleted if EMbuttons is uninstalled.

0.6.0 - New: Separate options for sorting extensions or themes.
Changed: To avoid problems like the one fixed in 0.5.4, no external locale files are used.
Changed: The hotkey modifiers and menu access keys can be localized.

0.5.4 - Fixed: Locale error in nightly builds. Thanks to wig_out_on_me.

0.5.3 - Fixed: The sort routine is no longer case sensitive. Thanks to Torisugari.

0.5.2 - Changed (irrelevant to most users): All strings can now be localized, including the hotkeys.

0.5.1 - New: Manager tabs have icons.
Changed: Keyboard shortcuts are now Control+Shift+E, Control+Shift+T and Control+Shift+O, and are indicated in the context menu.
Changed: The menu checkmarks weren't behaving properly whatever I tried, so I removed them (they were unintended, anyway).

0.5.0 - New: Manager tabs have a name instead of a URL.
Fixed: An existing Manager tab will be focused when its button is clicked.
Both thanks to Timothy P. Wolfe, for pointing me to QuickNote, and Jed Brown for writing it!

0.4.0 - Fixed: Dragging an XPI onto a tab or sidebar Extension Manager opened a new EM window.
Fixed: The homepage really does point to this site, honest!
Half fixed: Multiple tabs are no longer possible, but the existing one still isn't focused.
New: The Tools menu honours the EMbuttons settings.
New: Keyboard shortcuts (ALT-E and ALT-M). Thanks to Rowne Mastaile.
New: Context menus. Adapted from originals by Rowne Mastaile.

0.3.0 - New: The buttons will toggle the matching sidebar.

0.2.3 - Fixed: Homepage points to this site (oops!). Options tidied up a bit.

0.2.2 - Fixed: The managers should now appear for everybody. Thanks to wig_out_on_me for tracking down the error.

0.2.1 - Fixed: Tabbed managers now always get the focus. Thanks to TheOneKEA.

0.2 - New: Themes are also sorted alphabetically if sorting is activated.

0.1 - Initial release.

Extension Manager buttons: Thunderbird Extension Manager buttons: Thunderbird

0.3.3 - Fixed: Extensions and themes were not sorted if you used the Tools menu to open the manager.
New: Italian (it-IT) localization. Thanks to jooliaan (who also spotted the bug).

0.3.2 - New: The extension manager's update feature is enabled.
Changed: Bumped the maxVersion to 0.8 for Thunderbird 0.8 nightlies.

0.3.1 - Fixed: Added the enhanced modes fix before it becomes a problem here.

0.3.0 - New: Concise mode for extensions. Removes everything but names and versions from the extensions list.
New: Performance mode for extensions. Applies asqueella's performance patch, reducing the graphics displayed in the extension manager window for a speed-up.

0.2.0 - New: Separate options for sorting extensions or themes.

0.1.1 - Fixed: The sort routine is no longer case sensitive. Thanks to Torisugari.
Fixed: Homepage.
New: Tools menu items will obey the sort setting.

0.1 - Initial release.

Easy Get Mail Button Easy Get Mail Button

0.2.1 - New: The extension manager's update feature is enabled.
Changed: Bumped the maxVersion to 0.8 for Thunderbird 0.8 nightlies.

0.2 - Repackaged for Thunderbird 0.7.

0.1 - Initial release. Functionally identical to 0.2, so is not available for download.

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